Ashar 15

Ashar 15 or the fifteenth of Ashar,The celebration is marked by a feast of delectable regional foods, as well as Dahi-Chiura (Beaten Rice with Curd) along with home made dishes and fruits and sweets too.

The day when the crop planting season officially begins is known as Ashar 15 or the fifteenth of Ashar. For every Nepali, the month of Ashar (June-July) holds special significance since it is the time of year when farmers plant new rice seedlings in their paddies in order to grow quintals of rice from kilograms.

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Farmers from all over Nepal arrive in their muddy, damp fields with a renewed sense of purpose. It is a period for rice plantation ceremonies and celebrations, including dancing, splashing muddy water, and singing Ashare Jhyaure Geet (monsoon song) repeating the joys and sufferings of farmers with friends and relatives.

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