What Is The Best Way To Get From Kathmandu To Bhaktapur?

Bhaktapur buses depart from Ratna Park and Bagbazar Bus Stand in Kathmandu and Lagankhel Bus Park in Patan. Because local buses stop more frequently than taxis or private cars, they take longer, although they follow the same route and are subject to the same traffic circumstances. The trip should take roughly one hour.

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Best Way To Get From Kathmandu And Patan To Bhaktapur?

Kathmandu Bhaktapur Via Taxi Cost: Rs 900 Time: 40 minutes (Based on traffic) Kathmandu to Bhaktapur Via  Bus Cost: Rs 30 Time: 45 Minutes to 1 Hour ( Based on Frequent drop offs & Traffic) Bus Stand Location : BagBazar, Kathmandu Bus Stop: Dudhapati,  Near Siddhapokhari, Bhaktapur

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Trolley Bus Stand Suryabinyak Bhaktapur

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