Biska: Jatra


BISKA: JATRA (10-April 2019 to 18-April 2019)
The emergence of the Biska: Festival landmarks the cultural ecstasy in Bhaktapur. Prominently observed on the advent of spring it is a festival of human emotions. The human emotions are symbolically depicted on multiple aspects of the festival at large.
The folk-lore as it tells about the slaughtering of a pair of snakes by a handsome youth bestowed with Tantric empowerment is the central point of the festival. It is said that two serpents came out of the nostrils of a beautiful princess at mid night while sneezing. They grew to a huge shape in the twinkling of an eye and took the life of these persons who slept with the princess. As always the serpents were about to sting one of the youthful persons in the hot bed, one night the meticulous person caused the serpents breath their last with his Tantric power.
Having found the person alive and the serpents dead, the following morning, Vishwo Malla the then ruler brought the practice of hoisting two long flags on a big long wooden pole. Symbolically enough the banners were designed after the shape of the deceased serpents. The big long pole meant for hoisting the flags were addressed-Yoshin-the pole of love and remained popular among the local people as of these days. The hoisting of the serpent shaped flags is annually observed with great enthusiasm. The banners are also known as BISHO DHOJA after BISHO MALLA…..(Read More..)

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