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Aashapuri Mahadev

Aashapuri Mahadev Temple (Bhaktapur) Known as Aashapureshwor Mahadev Temple . Aashapureshwor Mahadev Temple is the temple of Lord Shiva, the 'God of Gods,' which is located on the bank of a river at the foot of lush hills, under a blue sky with spotless clouds. There is a vehicle accessible route for the wary, but it is risky and preferable for hiking. The Aashapureshwor Mahadev Temple is a nearly one-and-a-half-hour climb from Sanga, Bhaktapur, with the added bonus of sweating uphill and exciting downhill.

On the Seepadole hillside of Surya Binayak municipality, Ashapuri is one of the hindu temples. It is located on the hill of the Seepadole settlement, which is largely made up of Tamang ethnicity. The temple is located at the confluence of the two rivers’ banks. Those waterways enhance the temple’s charm. We can see the gorgeous environment that surrounds the temple because the temple is at the bottom of the hill. The less inhabited location of this temple gives the finest respite for city dwellers seeking peace and tranquility in nature.

According to legend, those who have yearned for something from their hearts come to this temple to worship. According to the god’s name (god who grants wishes), it is thought that the god grants the wishes of those who pray from the heart with a pure soul. As a result, many individuals come to this temple with the desire to improve their lives.

According to the lunar calendar, a month-long fair begins in this temple in the month of Shrawan. Devotees from all over Nepal, including Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Kavre, gather to pray here. On Mondays during the months of Shrawan, Shivaratri, and Teej, the temple is generally packed. Hike from Suryabinayak to this temple for those who enjoy hiking. We must navigate the winding, steep roads.

This temple is beautiful from both a cultural and a natural standpoint. Can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience the beauty, tranquillity, and cultural significance of this location.


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