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Bhaktapur's Brass and Bronze Museum

Bhaktapur's Brass and Bronze Museum, The museum which is located next to the woodcarving museum. The Newari way of life is the focus of this museum. The Newars are Nepal's indigenous people who live primarily in the central Nepalese districts around Kathmandu valley.

Bhaktapur’s Brass and Bronze Museum The museum, which is located next to the woodcarving museum in Dattaraya Square, was once a Matha. (Matha in this context does not refer to a mathematical term; rather, it refers to a house built specifically for the priests of a particular temple.).The museum is Nepal‘s newest addition. The Newari way of life is the focus of this museum. The Newars are Nepal’s indigenous people who live primarily in the central Nepalese districts around Kathmandu Valley. A substantially rebuilt building houses the bronze museum. The majority of the exhibits are composed of bronze or brass.

The majority of them have been renovated and are in great shape. Items of common usage are included among the exhibits. The commodities utilized by the common people and monarchy are displayed in different galleries. The majority of these artifacts date from the Mallas Period. Platters for worship, lamps, water pots, horns, and other objects are on exhibit to depict the common people’s modest existence .The museum gives visitors an understanding of the Newars, who have made significant contributions to the development of Nepalese society.

This museum has some excellent examples of traditional metalwork, including ceremonial lamps and ritual vessels from around the valley, and is directly across from the Woodcarving Museum, in another old math (Hindu priest’s house) with similar lighting problems. Keep your ticket to delay paying admission to the National Art Gallery and the Woodcarving Museum.


  • Address Dattaraya Square,Tachupal Tole
  • Hours10am-4pm Wed-Sun, to 3pm Mon, to 5pm Wed-Mon mid-Jan–mid-Oct
  • Price foreigner/SAARC Rs. 150/50, camera/video Rs. 100/200


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