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Bode's Lotus Pond

पलेस्वाँ पुखुः (कमलपोखरी) Palishwan Pukhu,Kamalpokhari neighborhood in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality 8 Bode of Bhaktapur is flowering with lotus flowers. Since the flowers began to blossom, the pond's beauty has grown. There are more domestic tourists now than there were previously.

पलेस्वाँ पुखुः (कमलपोखरी)  Palishwan Pukhu,Kamalpokhari ,A historically significant lotus pond dating back more 100 years can be found in Bhaktapur’s Madhyapur Thimi Municipality-8 Bode.The largest public Lotus pond in Madhyapur-Thimi, which is significant in terms of religion, history, and culture, Telia bricks imprinted on the pond wall made a sloped trail erected around the pond walkable even with bare feet. In the pond, two boats were put to use, and fish were also released.

The lotus pond conservation effort uses Danchi Appa and Maappa bricks in an artistic and traditional manner to clean the pond, construct a stone wall around the pond, and erect a fence around the pond.

The municipality was able to revive the ancient custom of offering Goddess Taleju the lotus flower that bloomed in this pond on Dasain at the palace, along with a feast of lotus leaves, a Jatra in which the priest of Goddess Taleju  would offer the flower during the Nil Barahi Naach in Shrawan Month, and Jibro Chhedne Jatra (Tongue Piercing Festival) in Baisakh.. The pond is currently a popular domestic travel destination. In the pond, a lotus plant was planted, and it is now in bloom.




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