Ghyampe Danda

Panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley,Mountains and Hills can be seen.Pilot Baba Ashram, sunrise ,sunset, birdwatching, jungle walk

Ghyampe Danda, located at Bhaktapur district, is a beautiful place to explore. Though it is not very popular route, it can be reached via short hike or even via road. For the nature lovers, it is a perfect place to enjoy the serenity of the forest located around. On the way to Ghyampe Danda, one can also visit Pilot Baba Aashram and Somnath Temple. The aashram also gives a view of all three major cities of the valley. Located at hill top, the white aashram has attracted many visitors. Pilot Baba was a great sage, who spent a great amount of his life in Nepal and said to have received grace from Baba Gorakhnath himself. Suryabinayak, one of the most important Ganesh shrines among four, can be the starting point for the hike to Ghyampe Danda. Many people visit the temple, especially on Tuesday to worship and pray Lord Ganesha. The artistic temple was built in the Lichhavi era by Vishnu Dev Barma, some 1500 years ago.


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Taumadhi square (Ta:Maari) is one of the four squares which is located next to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. In this square stands the beautiful two major temples to the north Nyatapola Temple which is one of the tallest temple in Nepal and east Bhairabnath Temple . There are many other structures beautifully architecture of stone and carvings of wood work. This square is very popular …

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Biska: Jatra

BISKA: JATRA (10-April 2019 to 18-April 2019) The emergence of the Biska: Festival landmarks the cultural ecstasy in Bhaktapur. Prominently observed on the advent of spring it is a festival of human emotions. The human emotions are symbolically depicted on multiple aspects of the festival at large. The folk-lore as it tells about the slaughtering of a pair of snakes …

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