Gundu Dummy Airplane

Gundu in Bhaktapur is a new viral destination that has gone viral on social media thanks to a dummy plane and stunning environment. Many individuals, however, are misinformed about the site.

Gundu is a renown place  of the Bhaktapur District in central Nepal’s Bagmati Zone. It is presently part of the Suryabinayak Municipality. Suryabinayak Municipality‘s ward number 7 currently encompasses the whole Gundu VDC. Gundu is, in some ways, the ideal site in Bhaktapur to enjoy that scene. Geographically, the location is in Bhaktapur’s southern reaches, beyond Suryabinayak‘s jungle. However, because it is a part of Suryabinayak Municipality, it also includes a small section of Suryabinayak’s jungle. As a result, this area is densely forested with hills and grasslands.

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According to rumors, there was a plane crash in this location, and the news has gone viral. That, however, is not the case. A Nepal Army training camp used to be located there, and a dummy of the aircraft was built for the purpose of the training. The general population has gained access to the location now that the Nepal Army has abandoned it. Until recently, wild animals were similarly uncommon in this remote location. Due to congestion, this place, which used to be very clean, is now cluttered with people. On the first day, people used to go around the area, but now there is a large crowd.

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Those interested in visiting this location, however, should do so when it is not raining. It is appropriate for guests to carry their own food and snacks because there is no food and snack shop near the site of visit. Very close to the city, lovely vegetation, and a tranquil surroundings appear to be ideal for a vacation.



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