The number of domestic tourists visiting Muhan Pokhari, a waterfall on the boundary of Changunarayan Municipality-6 Nagarkot and Bhaktapur's Bageshwari-7, is steadily increasing.

Muhan Pokhari at Telkot on our route to Nagarkot. This is a little brook with a man-made dam that provides irrigation for the locals. People flock to this location because it features a peaceful stream in the center of the forest. Another lovely natural waterfall is located above this man-made dam, which requires a 15-minute climb uphill. The best time to visit this waterfall is after it has rained, as there may not be enough water following the rain.

On Saturdays and holidays, it receives a considerable number of domestic tourists due to its proximity to the valley. Throughout the summer, there is a large crowd of people bathing in the waterfall and enjoying themselves by showering water on each other.

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In a Muhan Pokhari, playing with water is completely free. The name Mukan Pokhari comes from an artificial pond built in the Malla dynasty to offer drinking water to Bhaktapur. Muhan Pokhari is located 20 kilometers from Kathmandu and is the closest reservoir to Bhaktapur. Nagarkot, Sudal, Nala, Shanga, and Sankhu in Kathmandu can all be reached from here.

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How to go to Muhan Pokhari: 

Take a trip from Kamalpokhari Bhaktapur to the Nagarkot road till you reach Telkot, where you will find a small off-road that will take you to Muhan Pokhari.


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