Nil Barahi Temple

In the Madhyapur Thimi Municipality in Bhaktapur District, there is a famous temple called Nilbarahi Mandir. Nilbarahi is a Tantric goddess whose temple is built in the forest on a small mound near Bode, similar to other styles of worship in Nepal.

Tinga Barahi / Nil Barahi

Barahi Ajima is one of Goddess Parvati‘s nine forms. Goddess Parvati has taken on this appearance in order to exorcise the demons and maintain the status quo of creation. In the valley, there are four major Barahi Pitha (Shakti Pith). 

1. Nilbarahi
2. Bajrabarahi
3. Dhumbarahi
4. Yakati Barahi

Nil Barahi (Neel Barahi) is located in Bode, Madhyapur-Thimi, Bhaktapur district, which was founded by King Bishnu Gupta. Because Nil Barahi (Neel Barahi) is a Shakti Pith, a fair is organized on Dashain time and a special worship on Biska Jatra . This temple differs from others in that it does not contain Gajur(Pinnacle). The shrine is ringed by planks and is covered by a snake canopy. In NepaliNil Barahi (Neel Barahi)  is known as Tinga Barahi, and this region is known as Tingani. Dhanadevi (Goodnes of Wealth) is the name given to this goddess by the people of the valley. An unobstructed window has been built inside the temple, and a natural stone venerated as indigo has been placed inside it. Although there is no specific idol of Nil Barahi (Neel Barahi), it is worshiped on natural stone, and idols of other deities may be seen around the temple grounds.

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It has long been assumed that worshiping this deity does not imply poverty. There has been a practice of worshiping this deity in the Kathmandu Valley since newly married couples. This Nil Barahi (Neel Barahi) temple , set in the midst of a tranquil atmosphere and consultation, attracts a huge number of picnic guests far from the hustle and bustle of the city. On Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, large groups gather to pay their respects to the Goddess.

Residents of Bode execute the Nil Barahi (Neel Barahi) dance for four days every year at Rishi Purnima. The dancing ensemble consists of nineteen dancers who are accompanied by a 27 types traditional instruments. In the local Newari language, the dance is known as Pyakhan.

19 god and goddesses are brought out of the main home and not danced around the temples in different regions of the country in the Nil Barahi (Neel Barahi) procession, which is considered the largest dance after the tongue-piercing procession in the Bode area. Meanwhile, it is thought that the dancing deities should not consume anything, speak to anyone, or sit anywhere, including on the floor, without covering themselves with an umbrella, and without defecating.

It’s a short drive from Kathmandu to Bode. This temple is located in Bode-Tigani of the Madhyapur-thimi Municipality of Bhaktapur and is accessible via road.


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