Subarneshwor Mahadev,Katunje

Subarneshwor Mahadev is the hindu temple located at Suryabinayak (Katunje) Bhaktapur. The temple is known in Newari as Lun Chu Mahadev, meaning the Mahadev who bestows riches onto his believers.

Subarneshwor Mahadev is a Hindu temple on the side of Suryavinayak hill, surrounded by a Pinus forest, with a spectacular view of Kathmandu Valley. A stone inscription found on the temple’s left side dates from 753 AD. Inside the shrine, a tall natural Shiva Ling is covered in copper. Subarna means “good body” in Sanskrit, hence everyone who worships at this temple is said to have a good body. The temple is known in Newari as Lun Chu Mahadev, meaning the Mahadev who bestows riches onto his believers.

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Pati, Bhajan Mandali, Peepal tree, and tap water are all found in Subarneshwor Mahadev temple. With a quiet, fresh, and calm ambiance, the temple is a wonderful site for any Puja celebration. The Ganeshman Park, Suryavinayak forest, Antalingeshwor Mahadev temple, Suryavinayak Ganesh temple, Doleshwor Mahadev temple, Pilot Baba Ashram, and Ranikot Gadhi are all popular destinations in the area.

At the summit of the Katunje side stands the Subarneshwor Mahadev Mandir. The majority of folks go for a morning walk. You can get a bird’s eye view of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur from the top.

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