Taumadhi Square (Ta:Maari)

Area having tallest temple in Nepal & ancient architectural sites. Til Madhav Narayan, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu and one of the Hindu pantheon's Supreme Triumvirate, is honored in the enclosed compound facing the Nyatapola Temple. A few steps to the southwest, tourists may view the city's well-known potters creating variously shaped and sized earthenware in the famed Pottery Square.

Taumadhi Square (Ta:Maari)  ट:मारी

is one of the four squares which is located next to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. In this square stands the beautiful two major temples to the north Nyatapola Temple which is one of the tallest temple in Nepal and east Bhairabnath Temple . There are many other structures beautifully architecture of stone and carvings of wood work. This square is very popular with tourists. There is also the Til-madhav Narayan Temple, Narsimha Temple and the Stone structure are the major monuments in this square. Its a very lively square Its very busy here with both locals and tourists . Other old buildings in square are homes to local residents. It’s here that you can appreciate the ancient life in Bhaktapur .

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Bisket Jatra (Biska: Jatra) the Nepalese New Year celebration Starts and held in Taumadhi square (Ta:Maari)  in which chariots are pulled through the streets and ultimately a tug of war over them determines who will be blessed with good fortune in the coming year.

If you are visiting Taumadhi square in Bhaktapur,it includes a fantastic walking tour of the square and photographs of every temple so you’ll never be confused as to what’s what again!


Nyatapola Temple:

Built by King Bhupatindra Malla in 1702 the five-storey, 30m-high stone building still survived even the 1934 & 2015 earthquakes. You are free to climb the mighty stairway leading up the temple. It is said that each of the guardians on either side are ten times stronger than the ones under it.

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Bhairabnath Temple:

Bhairabnath Temple is far more interesting from the outside than inside. Kasi Vishwanath or Akash Bhairab is a trouble making stubborn god who is not so happy to even be in the temple. The small brass figure at the open shrine in front of the temple is Bhairab.

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Til Mahdav Narayan Temple:

This is one of the “Hidden Temples”, located behind the dancing platform. Inside this courtyard is the main double roof Narayan (Vishnu) Temple, one of the oldest in the valley. An inscription here reads 1080 AD. This is backed up by the image that is inside it which has 12th century styling. The façade of this Vishnu-dedicated temple is ornamented with a Garuda kneeling on a lofty pillar, flanked by columns carrying Vishnu’s symbols: the Sankha (conch) and the chakra (disk-shaped weapon).Garuda is also adorning some roof props. A ligam (Phallic sign) constructed on a yoni is housed in two wooden cages in front of and on one of the temple’s sides (symbol of the female sex).| Bhaktapur l wwwnamastebhaktapurcom

The other attractions around the square include the dancing platform which is surrounded by souvenir stalls. Then, when you walk around the Bhairabnath Temple you will see a set of wooden cart wheels and planks of wood. These items belong to the large wooden chariot which is assembled every year to bring Bhairab, or rather the box which contains his head, around during the Bisket Festival (April).

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With the gorgeous monuments, you can take some shots. Simply sit back and relax on the Pati while speaking with your pals. Don’t miss out on the famed Ju:Ju Dhau (King Curd-Yogurt), Kulfi, Tornado Potato, Paun (Titaura),Lashi and from Bhaktapur. Purchase Bhadgaunle Topi,Nepali paper Goods, Pashmina Shawls, Woodwork Sculptures, Woolen Items, Pottery Goods and stunning artworks as keepsakes. In local …

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