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Digu Puja

Among these festivals, 'Digu Puja' is a particular occasion that contributes significantly to a large joint family's sense of kinship. 'Digu Puja' is a ritual performed by four or five generations of descendants of a single ancestor who live as separate families. The members of the lineage worship the lineage god collectively, followed by a feast that lasts four or five days. Although only observed for a few days, this practice aids in the re-establishment of a sense of oneness among the separated members of a big joint family.

Digu Puja ( Dewali Puja, Dugu Puja ) is a ritual in which the Newars of Kathmandu Valley worship a lineage god. Digu Puja, aid in the creation of a bond between separated family members as reunion. Digu Puja was/is the Newars‘ most important religious/cultural celebration, through which they demonstrate their great cultural potential. However, cultural historians and anthropologists have mostly ignored this part of Newari culture (i.e., the various ways in which Digu Puja is celebrated).

Digu Puja was/is performed as part of the Newars’ highly cultured tradition. It focuses on the changes in the rituals that have happened as a result of the changing condition and circumstances, as well as identifying certain key distinctions in puja rites among the Newars themselves, while maintaining the core premise. (READ MORE…)

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