Festivals Schefules Of Bhaktapur

Calendar of Festivals, Events & Activities
New Year
(BIsket Jatra)
13th April Bhaktapur Bhairav & Bhadrakali’s chariots are pulled, celebrate festival all around the Bhaktapur for 9 long days.
Ram Nawami 13th April All over the kingdom Main Character of Ramayan – Lord Ram is worshipped espescially at Janakpur.
Bal Kumari Jatra 14th April Thimi Traditional colorful festival/Toungur pearching eve.
Matatirtha Aunsi (Mother’s Day) 19th April Matatritha near Thankot Take ritual bath at Matatirtha whose mother have died last very year. While living mothers are worshipped offering sweets and gifts.
Rato Machhendranath Temple 23rd April Lalitpur Chariot of Lord Machhendranath is pulled through the street of Patan till Jawalkhel and ends the festival with Bhoto (waist coat) Jatra.
Buddha Jayanti 4th May All over the kingdom People pray and worship at Buddhist monasteries especially at Boudhanath and Swaymbhunath.
Sithinakha or Kumari Sarstha 25th May All over the valley A day to clean the wells and beginning of the rainy season.
Harisayani Ekadashi 28th June All over the kingdom Holiest Ekadashi of the year, worship of Lord Vishnu – the preserver – sacrifices and public sale of meat is prohibited.
Teachers’ worship day 2nd July All over the kingdom
Ghanta Karna 15th July All Newar Settlement Festival to celebrate the death of demon; Huge statue of straw demons are burned in all the toles of Bhaktapur.
Gunla 17th July

15th August
Kathmandu Valley Budhhist holy month – All the Buddhist shrine become centers for varieties of religious activities all through month.
Naga Panchami 20th August All over the kingdom Day to worship the Naga (Scared Snakes) to protect from water calamities flood.
Rachhya Bandhan / Janai Purnima 30th August
Kumbeswor Mela/Sringa Veri Jatra Lalitpur, Banglamukhi Traditional Musical instruments are decorated and performed.
Cows’ festival (Gai Jatra) 31st August Bhaktapur Colorful and Satirical festival – Gai Jatra carnival is paraded around the town.
Matya 1st September Lalitpur Buddhist festival of light to honour the victory of Buddha over vice.
Shree KrishnaAastami 6th September All over the kingdom Lord Krishna’s birthday – main character of Hindu epic Mahabharat / Krishna Mandir of Patan Durbar Square is the focus point.
Pancha Dan All over the valley especially – Swambhunath Buddhist priest chants cymas while women, waiting in front of their houses give the priests rice and grains as they surpass.
Gokarana Aunsi
(Nepalese Father’s day)
14th September All over the kingdom People whose father have died take ritual bath at Gokarna while living fathers are offered with sweets and ifts by their children.
Teej 17th September All over the kingdom A holy day for woman, women pray to Shiva fasting 24 hours for the well being of their husband and unmarried in a hope of finding husband.
Rishi Panchami 19th September
Indra Jatra 27th September Kathmandu Valley Chairot of Kumari along with Ganesh and Bhairav is pulled in downtown Kathmandu.
Bala Chaturdasi 11th December Pashupatinath Temple Taking holy bath in Bagmati River pilgrimage follows the Mrisgasthali forest scattering varieties of seeds remembering of Balla of dead.
Gathasthapana 15th October All over the kingdom Begining of biggest festival and good season, baley seeds are planted and Kalash put in the prayer room to start festival.
Phulpati 20th October All over the kingdom 7th day of the festival. Religious items and flowers are brought from Gorkha Durbar for Hanuman Dhoka Parade.
Maha Aastami 21st October All over the kingdom Small children are worshipped as Ganesh, Kumar and Kumari.
Maha Nawami 22nd October All over the kingdom Worship Durga and Kali sacrificing male animals at Taleju
Dashami 23rd October All over the kingdom Main day of Dashain; Worship Nava Durga at Brahmani Temple of Bhaktapur; Put Tika, bless from elders.
Tihar or Dipawali 12th -15th October All over the kingdom Five day long festival of light, honoring Yama, God of Death.
Chatt Parba (Terai) 18th November One of the most important festival of Terai, worshipping of Sun, taking holy dip in the rivers of pond.
Haribodhani Ekadasi 22nd November
Mahalaxmi village pooja for Goddess of Wealth and Harvest
Gujeswori Jatra, worship of the Goddess 7th December
Indraiani Puja and Nhaya Gaya Jatra festival
Yomari Puni or Dhanya Purni 26th December Newari Settlement Celebrated after rice harvest; praying for the greatfulness of mother Earth and preparing rice cakes.
Maha Shiva Rat ri 8th March All over the kingdom, especially at Pashupatinath Pay homage to Shiva, stay unsleep for whole night in all toles and square.
Bisket Jatra 9th April Bhaktapur Cultural festival of Bhaktapur celebrated erecting lingum and pulling the idols of Bhairav and Matrika around town.
World Tourism Day 27th September All over the kingdom International Inviters are felicitated with various detivities.
Maghe Sankranti 14th January All over the kingdom People take holy bath in river and eat sweetened seasame balls vain tuber
Tribeni Mela 8th February Salinadi River Worship of God Shiva and Parvati and fasting for a month with religious activities at the banks of the Salinadi river, Sankhu.
Nava Durga Dance Bhaktapur and Nearby villages Dance of Asta Matrika or Eight mother goddess with TripuraSundari is performed.
Basnata Panchami
(Sakwgo estival)
13th February, All over the kingdom King receives Tika at Hanuman Dhoka and School children worship goddess of wisdom, music – Saraswati
Tibetain New year (Lhosar) 8th March Sherpa and Lama community
Fagu Purnima (HOLI) 25th March All over the kingdom Colorful festival; playing with colors for fun and frolic.
Ghode Jatra 8th April Kathmandu Worship Mapa Deyo and Nepalese Army perform horsemanship and gymnastic at Tundhikhel.
Chaite Dashain / Seto Machhindranath Jatra Kathmandu Chariot of Machhindranath is pulled through the streets fo Kathmandu and worship to God of rain.