Gwarcha (Newari Dumpling Soup) In the newari community, "Gwarcha" aka Pani Roti is a highly popular Newari meal. It's a soup made with chickpeas, beans, pulses (Dal), potatoes, wheat flour, ghee, and other ingredients. "Gwarcha" aka Pani Roti (A Newari Version of Pasta) In Nepal, there are a few foods that are exclusively prepared on rare occasions. It is primarily prepared by the family's elders, as they are the only ones who are familiar with the traditional recipe.

The Newar community  are noted for having a diverse range of cultures, civilizations, artefacts, and cuisines. About 200 different foods are prepared by the Newar community. Gwarcha is one of them. Gwarcha is a wheat bread dish its pure veg. dumpling soup. It’s a dish made with lentils, milk, or water, depending on personal preference. Gwarcha is regarded as a vital feature, whether from a health or religious standpoint. Guarcha was created based on the concept that food should be given up on Ekadashi, which occurs twice a month, according to the different traditions of the Newar population.

There are types of Gwarcha
– Dal Gwarcha
– Milk Gwarcha
– Water Gwarcha

1. Gwarcha Dal Gwarcha refers to a dish cooked of Gwarcha, Dal, Corn, Bean, Taro and other ingredients.
2. Milk and sugar are added to the milk Gwarcha make Gwarcha. There isn’t anything else in it.
3. Only water is used to cook this sort of Gwarcha.

Gwarcha is a gravy (light ledo) meal, thus it is incredibly healthy no matter what type of Gwarcha is cooked. It has high fiber, low fat, high protein, and is regarded the ideal diet for persons suffering from constipation, according to scientific terminology.

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