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Matatirtha Aunsi Means Mother’s Day

On the occasion of Matatirtha Aunsi, i.e. Mother's Day, Creator of all children on the occasion, Mine of love, Millions of salutations to all the moms who forget millions of sorrows and devote themselves to their children's pleasure. We encourage all children to do their responsibility to their mothers and to keep her happy at all times.

The no moon date for Baishakh Krishnapakshya is Matatirtha Aunsi, Matrisamman Day. Today is the day to celebrate the mother who gave birth to you by looking in the eyes of the woman who gave birth to you. Those who are living today pay their respects and appreciation to their mothers by giving them their favorite Sweets, Clothes, and other Presents, whereas those who are not moms go to various shrines and perform Shraddha, Tarpana, and Pinda Daan in the name of mother with the hope of her redemption.

Serving their mothers while they are still alive is a wonderful honor for their Children, Daughters-In-Laws, and Grandkids. To live and serve with the devotees, only the pre-birth virtue may be found. A house full of mother’s affection is heaven for Children, Grandchildren, Sons-In-Laws, and others. Happiness may only be found in heaven, but love and devotion can be discovered on this world by everyone, young and old. Man’s whole habitat is the world. It’s also a widely used bag. It provides a unique type of family-human satisfaction not available in paradise or other vaginas.

Today’s Mothers should be blessed by serving and making their children happy. On the occasion of this holy holiday, the mother should bless her children and beg for happiness and sadness with laughter, as well as pray to God for their well-being and advancement.

Those who do not have living moms should visit holy locations such at Matatirtha, and do Shraddha in a systematic manner, asking for the Mother’s salvation.

Those whose moms are no longer alive today visit the Matatirtha Kund in Kathmandu‘s South-West and execute various good deeds in their Mother‘s name. Thankot is not far from Matatirtha Kunda. It is said that by performing good works in that location, the mother will be freed from her debt by being kept in the womb for 9 months, as well as the Mother.

Matuleshwar Mahadev was born after Sati Devi’s limb fell at this shrine, according to the Swasthani Brata Katha. It is thought that activities performed in the name of the mother in this sacred area will result in the salvation of the deceased mother and the happiness of the child’s life with the mother’s blessings. Kushe Aunsi.

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