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Now Complete PayPal Solution for Nepal……

Are you looking for PayPal Solution in Nepal, PayPal is Global Online Payment Partner. Now a days it is most important things to have PayPal account every person to perform any kinds of e-commerce business such as buying and selling products online, hotel booking, trip making and more. For those who are working online and want to get payment from others and send payments to others. But In the concept of Nepal it is very difficult to verify your PayPal account because it need Bank Account, Visa Card as well as Address Proof documents and In Nepal there are no any banks which is directly Linked with Papal in Nepal. So we are serving here make easier your life providing PayPal Solution in Nepal….Hope that we will provide Complete PayPal Solution in Nepal….

PayPal is a Global Online Payment company like e bank offering you services that allows you to make payments and receive payments online via internet. PayPal acts an alternative to traditional way of monetary transaction in the world of internet. A PayPal account can be funded via a bank account through debit or credit card. PayPal is a fine example of online payment intermediary service facilitating the global eCommerce. It’s a tricky and difficult to use PayPal in Nepal. Using PayPal in Nepal comes with some of the task that a normal user do not have access to. Task like verifying the PayPal account and transferring money to the PayPal account via local banks is not possible which make PayPal users in Nepal to keep the account unverified and of no use. This is because Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rasta Bank) needs explanation on every bit of money that comes in and goes out of the country. A Nepali citizen can sign up and create a PayPal account from Nepal free of cost, but he/she needs an US bank account to get the account verified. To trouble shoot this problem, we have come up with PayPal Solutions in Nepal. We will verify your PayPal account in Nepal.

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