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Silu Mahadev or Fasideg:?

Fasidega Temple -Silu Mahadev (Gosaikunda Mahadev) was destroyed in the earthquake of 1990 B.S, and its replacement was renowned more for its historical significance than for its architectural brilliance. In the 2015 earthquake, the temple was completely demolished. Its six-level plinth with pairs of guardian statues of elephants, lions, and cattle is all that remains.

In the Bhaktapur Durbar Area (LAYAKU), there is a Silu Mahadev (Gosaikunda Mahadev) temple called ‘Fasideg:.’ The temple is currently undergoing final renovations. After the earthquake in 1990 B.S, it was given a new look. It’s called ‘Fasideg:’ by the locals because it’s shaped like a Pumpkin. Silu Mahadev‘s true form was Shikhar style, and it was built in Bikram Sambat 1707. The British described it as the world’s highest and most spectacular temple. This temple, also known as Neelkantha Mahadev, was characterized by Henry Ambrose Oldfield in 1910 as Nepal’s largest peak style temple.


“It is supposed to have been as tall as a five-story temple,” cultural specialist Om Dhaubhadel agreed. There are five belts on it. People used to wear hats when they first viewed the temple’s entryway, according to legend. Earlier monarchs, according to Dhaubhadel, used to visit Silu as a pilgrimage site. Because it was always difficult to get there, during King Jagat Prakash Malla‘s reign, Silu Mahadev was created at the local level so that he and the people may worship him without having to travel to Silu.

On Monday, there appears to be a large number of devotees. When there is a fair in Gosainkunda, there is also a fair here. Pashupati, Guhyeshwari, and Manakamana are among the other figures in Durbar Square, along with Silu. It is regarded as a ‘Char Dham.’ As a result, the Durbar Square in Bhaktapur is also a religious pilgrimage place.

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