Sindur Jatra Madhyapur Thimi

The festival is celebrated every year on Baishakh 2 as part of Biska: Jatra(Bisket Jatra) observed by people from Newar community in Madhyapur Thimi. The festival welcomes the Nepali New Year and marks the arrival of spring season.

Biska: Jatra(Bisket Festival)- At Thimi

Madhyapur Thimi ‘Biska Jatra’ observed in Thimi as ‘Sindoor Jatra’ (Vermilion Powder Festival) is one of the most spectacular festivals of Thimi and is absolutely different than the ‘Biska:’ observed in proper Bhaktapur.


‘Sindoor Jatra’ celebrated according to Vikram Era-on Nepali New Year holds special importance for the local community. Thousands of people gather with full enthusiasm to welcome New Year in a festive mood. The whole environment of the town actually turns to festive during the Jatra that is celebrated for four days. Most people actively participate and enjoy the event rather than just being out lookers….Read More

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