Sithi Na:Kha

The Newar people must complete Digu Puja (Dewali Puja), in which the family god Digu Dyo is worshipped, by the day of Sithi Nakha. The Digu Puja (Dewali Puja) is particularly important because the newly married daughter-in-law is welcomed into the family. The Digu Puja (Dewali Puja) also includes a pilgrimage to an open field to worship the family god, which is located in a primitive state. In addition, the entire family gathers for a ritual feast.

Sithi Nakha is a traditional indigenous cultural celebration celebrated by residents of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding districts such as Kavre and Makwanpur as along every Newar Community all over Nepal and entire world. The 6th day of the bright half of the month of Jetha (MAY/JUN) is Sithi Nakha. Read More

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