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Kamal Binayak / Yatu Ganesh is a god who teaches children how to talk. It is located to the east of Bhaktapur. Kamal Vinayak is one of two Ganesh Shrines that surround Bhaktapur. Kamal Binayak, located just northeast of town along the Nagarkot road near Kamal Pokhari, is one of these Ganesh temples.

Kamal Binayak Temple is situated in eastern part Bhaktapur, Nepal that enshrines Lord Ganesh. Ganesh, known and  spelled Ganesha and Ganapati,in local indigenous (Nepalbhasa) called as Gandyo is an elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings who is revered before any great undertaking and is the patron of academics, financiers, scribes, and authors. Ganesh, like a rat and an elephant, is a remover of impediments.

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Kamal Binayak Ganesh / Yatu Ganesh was established in Bhaktapur Ward No. 10 about 1000 years ago. This temple was later demolished and rebuilt in 2067 BS. Kamal and Binayak are two words that make Kamal Binayak. The name of this Lord Ganesh. has been changed to Kamal Binayak as the lotus flower used to bloom in the pond adjacent to the Lord Ganesh temple. In Nepalbhasa Local indigenous, this Ganesha is known as “Yatu Ganesha.” Yatu is a word that means “Below a hill” or “Downhill.” In Nepalbhasa Local indigenous, Kamal Binayak Pokhari is referred to as “Barhe Pukhu.”The grandeur of this Lord Ganesh is that if the children’s words are not broken, if the sentence is not broken by worshiping here, the people’s faith remains intact. Children who do not break the sentence should be allowed to cry after seeing God, according to this puja. Relatives hide behind all the temples for this reason.

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Similarly, on Dashain 8th days Ashtami, there is a fair for those who wash their faces and bathe, and there is a Ganesh Khat Jatra at Biska Jatra. This temple’s grounds have been home to a number of temples, pavilions, and chaityas. Charumati, King Ashoka‘s daughter, had three chaityas built on the east side of the pond. This lotus pond has a legend attached to it. There used to be a queen here named Tola Rani. The queen of one tola would sit on a daily leaf and fetch water from the pond’s middle, which she would then serve to Taleju Bhavani. He was believed to be wearing gold jewelry and sitting on a leaf to gather water one day.

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Kamal  Vinayak is one of two Ganesh Shrines that surround Bhaktapur. Kamal Binayak, located just northeast of town along the Nagarkot road near Kamal Pokhari, is one of these Ganesh temples. The pond is most stunning at sunset, when the sun’s warm warmth shines off the water. It’s the ideal spot for catching up with friends, chatting, and taking in a gorgeous sunset.



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